The Artist

I’ve always been fascinated by patterns and design, and as a little kid, blocks were my favorite toy.  Playing with blocks led to drawing shapes and geometric patterns.  My fondest memory of a family trip to Germany was finding graph paper with lines spaced by the millimeter.  Before that, the smallest I could ever find was 10 squares per inch.

You can surmise that a kid -- who liked graph paper and staring at brocade fabrics or wallpapers to try and see where the patterns repeated -- spent a lot of time on his own.

Still, I guess it was time well spent because now, inspired by the concrete breezeway blocks used in building through Palm Springs, I’ve created Shadowtiles.  Stepped curves, using concentric circles, shifting shapes or simple rotations at 90 degrees are just a few of the design techniques I use to create my pieces.

The design is already there, hidden in the layers; I’m just the one who reveals it.

- Erich Meager